Voice Services

Voice Services

“We make it easier for you to talk”

Our Voice Services cater for single site clients to national multi-site clients. Ranging from traditional fixed line, voice over IP and mobile data solutions.

We provide a consultancy service to help our clients understand the different type of voice solutions for their business. Our solutions can enable our clients to;

  • Take advantage of significant costs savings on calls
  • Create virtual office and remote office environments
  • Provide free inter-site calls between sites
  • Transfer calls to different devices – handset to mobile
  • Enable remote working environments and expansion
  • Record all calls inbound and outbound
  • Have your voice mails delivered by email
  • Provide non-geographic numbers for technical support lines
  • Create simple and complex IVR platforms


Business Phone Lines & Call Packages

With access to all the major carriers including BT Openreach, we provide excellent fixed line business telephone services. We provide many of our clients with a traditional lines and calls service which enables us to take control of your physical phone line and and provide you with cheaper call rates.

We can provide your business with:

  • PSTN Phone Lines
  • ISDN2
  • ISDN30
  • PSTN Multiline

The costs savings we can provide are due to having Wholesale Line Rental Access provided by BT Openreach. BT Openreach own and maintain the Uk copper based network and companies like ours have contracts in place to purchase these wholesale services. The phone line access services we can provide and migrate to our network include PSTN, ISDN, ISDN2 & ISDN30.

The number of phone lines you’ll need will depend on how many individual users you expect to be on the phone at the same time.


Transfer Your Phone Lines to Cloud & Fibre

The number of phone lines you’ll need will depend on how many individual users you expect to be on the phone at the same time. The table below explains what product will best suit the size of your business.

  • We make it easy for you to move your line over to Cloud & Fibre. We’ll do all the hard work without any downtime or loss of service on the day of transfer. We’ll do this bit for free, and then you can start to get the best out of our line rental for as low as £12.50 a month.
  • Keep your existing number and number ranges. We will transfer your bank of phone numbers seamlessly on the day of transfer so you do not need to change them.
  • Competitive Call Charges
    We charge for local and national calls from 1p per minute, mobile calls at only 3p a minute, depending on volume. Our charges for international calls are competitive an all calls are charged on a per second basis.
  • Free Itemised Billing
    We’ll give you’re a free monthly itemised bill, on the first of every month, including all the previous month’s call traffic.
  • Call Diversion
    We can offer you a call divert service with our business phone line, enabling you to divert calls from landlines, mobiles or other devices using a simple handset function.
  • Free Voicemail to Email
    If you take our voicemail option we’ll provide you with online reporting which means all your voicemails can be sent to you as emails using our automated system.
  • Care Package Options and Fault Fix Times
    All our business clients receive care level two, which means fixing a fault by the end of the next working day, within operating hours. We do offer alternative options for faster fault fixing, please get in touch to find out more.


Have you considered Voice over IP or Skype for Business? (Voip)

The voice solutions that we provide our clients also include phone systems that can be a physical PBX in your business, and systems that are hosted in the Cloud similar to Skype.  We are experts at providing Hosted Telephony services that enable our clients to move to Voice over IP. With increased bandwidth available to many UK businesses we can provide Quality of Service on our Hosted Telephony solutions ensuring HD quality calls at all times. The Hosted Telephony platform allows our clients to;

  • Make phone calls from your PC
  • Maintain the same numbers
  • Benefit from reduced call charges compared to traditional
  • See the presence of colleagues on screen
  • Receive voice mails by email
  • Manage call routing plans and IVR announcements
  • View logging details of all calls inbound and outbound
  • Enable remote workers to have a HQ presence
  • IOS and Android mobile app presence
  • Integrate to CRM applications


Replacing your ISDN2 Service with SIP

For clients that already have invested in a physical phone system, they can still take advantage of huge savings by replacing ISDN with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). SIP is a service that replaces ISDN by utilising an internet connection from Broadband to Ethernet. By converging your Voice SIP service and your internet connection you can utilise a single line (with back up) rather than using several forms of seperate access for the telephony and data.

Using Non-Geographic Numbers – 08435

We can provide our clients with a geographical or non-geographic number range (eg. 0161, 020, 0843, 0800) that enable them to generate callshare revenue in some cases. Such service can be utilised to charge a higher premium for technical support lines or other services. Our inbound telephony platform allows you manage your own number ranges and administer your own service through a online web-portal. Our platform allows you to understand the call traffic into your business in granular detail. Our customers are able  to understand, Who is calling them, When they called,  Who they have called, from where they are calling and for how long for.


Download our Voice Services E-Brochure

For more information on our voice solutions and how they can help your business, please drop us an email or contact us.