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Our Channel Partner Programme

With over 15 years of experience at running several channel partner and reseller type models, we understand what it takes to deliver a successful channel experience to our clients.  

With the use of automated portals for quoting, ordering, configuring and access to live reporting of managed access circuits, we try to provide as much self-sufficiency as possible to our partners. Automation is one of the key components at ensuring a partner can access information quickly and easily to respond to their clients. Our portal access allows our clients to utilise several forms of automation for connectivity, voice, cloud and mobile.

We support our Channel Partners throughout the sales process for as long as they need us to and we further support them through our after sales service of project management and support.  Our commitment to the channel is demonstrated by the fact that 95% of our total customer base is directly related to a type of channel partner.

Our Channel Partners fall into three categories but they have access to all three models whenever they choose.

Indirect Partner

Indirect Partners are our most common type of customer at Cloud and Fibre. With 15 years of channel partner relationships, we excel at providing the right products with an excellent support framework, at the right price. With strong carrier relationships and a deep understanding of competitors in our space, we work closely with many indirect partners helping them win business in the market.

Our product range of Connectivity, Voice and Data Services to the Channel is exceptional and competitively priced. In order to have a successful Indirect Offering you need to have automated portals, competitive pricing and excellent technical support. Our partners use us because we provide all three exceptionally well.

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Referral Partner

A referral partner is a very important type of relationship at Cloud & Fibre. Our referral partners refer their own customers to our team for us to provide our services directly to them. The trust of an referral partner is very important and the power of the referrals they generate to us is just as great. Our growing referral partner program is testament to our professionalism, our knowledge and our growing reputation within the market for our customers to trust them with theirs.

Partnering with lots of IT maintenance, IT Support and System Integrators the working relationship is varied depending on the referral partner. Some referral partners require us to completely own the relationship with their customer whilst others we work with prefer to work in conjunction and jointly project manage solutions to their customer.

An increased benefit of our programme is that we share the total monthly generated margin with our referral Partners of the business they refer to us. Margin share can vary from 30% to 75% depending on the products sold. We can directly bill the client or bill the client with a co-branded referral partner logo. White-label datasheets and product sheets are available to all channel partners.

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Wholesale Partner

Our wholesale customers use us because we are very flexible at running our network and services to suit bespoke solutions. To be able to offer excellent pricing across all of the major carriers isn’t always achievable because of the carrier commitments needed to achieve relevant discounts.

We are ideally placed with some of our carriers to be able to provide you with that alternative network at the right price point for Ethernet and Broadband L2TP aggregation.

Alongside wholesale connectivity we can also provide wholesale services for Cloud, Voice, Network and Mobile.

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