Ethernet & Leased Lines – from 10mb to 10Gb

Fibre Ethernet based over fibre optical infrastructure is the one of the most reliable forms of internet connectivity available across the world.

It's the first choice Internet Connectivity service for businesses and companies that require dedicated bandwidth and must keep their offices and workforce online.

Fibre Ethernet

Commonly known as a Leased Line, Fibre Ethernet is suitable for businesses that need a dedicated internet connection every second of the day. It is the access technology that provides the greatest speeds and highest service levels available. As an independent leased line provider, we connect to all the major wholesale Leased Line Ethernet carriers in the UK. This means
we are always competitive regardless of your location.

Business Ethernet Leased Lines are provided in various sizes but the industry standard is to provide a 100Mb bearer. Customers can then choose the relevant amount of bandwidth to light up on the that 100mb bearer. We provide 10Mb as a minimum. Our selection of leased line managed features includes back up options, real-time network monitoring tools and reporting which enables us to provide the visibility needed with your Ethernet circuit.

Included in all of our Ethernet services is a form of  automatic backup. We will provide FTTC / ADSL or 4G as a form of backup on all of our Ethernet services giving piece of mind you will always be connected to the internet.

Ethernet Speeds

We will provide as a minimum, a 100mb access bearer into your business with synchronous bandwidth speeds
available in 10Mb increments. Depending on your requirements we can advise the most appropriate speed for
your business.

You can easily upgrade from a selected speed; e.g like 20Mb to 30Mb, within a few days and this
usually comes at only a small increase to the monthly rental but no extension to the initial contract length.

Benefits of our Ethernet

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