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Bonded Connectivity

In certain areas, Ethernet Leased Lines can be very expensive and Fibre Broadband capabilities none existent. Bonded Connectivity could be the solution.

Bonded & Load Balanced Connectivity

For clients that are based in remote locations or in areas where broadband speeds are generically poor, a bonded broadband solution can be a cost effective way to add more bandwidth and increase broadband speeds.

A bonded broadband solution is the installation of multiple broadband, fibre broadband or Ethernet lines into one site, acting as one connection. With bonding, routers and devices we can deliver up to 6 bonded lines that can be presented as;

Types of Bonded Broadband

We provide our clients with two version of bonded broadband:

Load balanced Broadband

Load Balancing is where multiple broadband connections are configured but the traffic passed over each line is not shared across the multiple lines. Our load balancer will route traffic optimally across the multiple connections. Our Load Balanced solution does not truly bond the lines together but allows us to separate your traffic across multiple lines. As an example, we can send traffic for VOIP across one particular broadband line and data across another(s).

To add further resileince to our solutions we can also provide each broadband line across different networks. Our primary supplier is BT, but we can provide a solution that includes Vodafone and Talk Talk to reduce the potential of outages from those single suppliers.

True Bonded Broadband

True Bonded Broadband works very similar to Load Balanced Broadband but the unique difference is that the bonded lines are aggregated into one single connection. This provides our customers with a greater download and upload speed acting as a one single connection.

This service is provided with a specialist bonding router installed on the clients site which is complimented with a similar but a master bonding device on our core network. Even though the service is configured as a single bonded link, we can still provide resilience by configuring the solution to still be operational if one of the broadband lines fail.

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Bonding Fibre Broadband

One of our latest products is the ability to bond Fibre Broadband services. We can provide bonded connections of up to 320mb for a fraction of the cost of the equivalent Fibre Ethernet service. Please see our Fibre Broadband Services for more information and available speeds.


Some of the features and benefits of bonded solutions are highlighted below;

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