GFast Fibre Broadband (GFTTC)

GFast Fibre Broadband – up to 330mb

GFast is a newly developed technology that will allow Fibre Broadband customers to reach speeds of up to 330mb using your existing FTTC service.


GFast runs on the same infrastructure as FTTC and is becoming more available across the UK every month. As
with our other broadband services, we do not impose download limits or restrictions on our Fibre Broadband
Services. As a business, you are free to download as much content as you need.

GFast is perfect for businesses that are expanding quickly and need more bandwidth to access more online data services or just need quicker downloads. Its is  also ideal for general internet access and internet browsing but particularly useful for customers that use Voice over IP (VOIP) or require more access to cloud services.

All of our broadband services are monitored 24/7 and we provide our clients with full access and visibility of
that monitoring service with automatic email alerts to our customers.

To find out if you can get GFast, use our availability checker to see what speeds are available.

What GFast speeds are available?

GFast is currently available as two speed options.

  • GFast 160mb Download / 30mb Upload
  • GFast 330mb Download / 50mb Upload

Benefits of our GFast Fibre Broadband

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