Our Products & Services

The services that we provide our customers include Internet Access, Voice Solutions, Network Solutions and Mobile. Our services are aimed at business markets which include Small Office, Retail and Medium to Large sized enterprises.

We are a Wholesale Service Provider which means that our products and services are sourced from the best of breed carriers and providers across the UK and Europe. Our products and services are ideal for any organisation, small, medium and large. We provide our clients with a comprehensive portfolio and can provide excellent knowledge and support for every single service we provide.

Being independent means that we can advise from a vast portfolio from all of the major carriers. Our connectivity wholesale suppliers include, ITS Technology Group, BT Wholesale, Daisy, Vodafone, Zen Wholesale, Vaioni, Vanilla IP, Voiceflex and Chess Telecom. We have other secondary relationships with smaller carriers too.

Internet Access

Our internet access services range from Broadband, Fibre and Wireless connectivity. From the single user to the multi-site businesses we provide pure clean access.

Fibre Broadband

Up to 350mb broadband speeds that include Fibre to the Premises, GFast Fibre Broadband & Fibre to the Premises


With a Leased Line, we can provide you with clean bandwidth from 10mb to 10Gb. Managed Fibre Ethernet or Microwave Ethernet across the UK and Europe.

3G, 4G & 5G Data

With data packages across all networks we can provide wireless internet access for rural and non rural areas

Voice Services

Our Cloud & Fibre telephony solutions help you reduce costs & improve productivity. We can provide PSTN, SIP Trunks, Mobile, PBX & VOIP Services.

Lines & Calls

Being a BT Openreach partner, we can provide traditional Phone Lines & ISDN and reduce your costs by up to 50%

Hosted Voice (VOIP)

Our Hosted Voice offerings include the ability to use your office phone from anywhere. We can provide free handsets, bundled minutes, call recording and voicemail to email.

SIP Trunks

Reduce your call costs by up to 50% and replace your ISDN lines with SIP Trunks

Multisite Solutions

We can connect all your sites onto one single network using SD-WAN and MPLS solutions

Remote Worker

We provide solutions to promote home & remote working using VOIP, Mobile & Internet Access


With the latest handsets, mobile tariffs & device management, we can help you across mobile all networks

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor all of our connections 24/7 and provide full access to statistics for all our clients

For more information please contact our sales team on 0161 260 0196 or visit our contact page.