Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice (VOIP)

We provide a complete hosted telephony solution which is built on the Cisco network and is one of the market leaders across the world.

Hosted Voice

Traditionally, phone systems were installed in a business and that business had to fit to the design of the solution. Our Hosted Voice platform takes away that complexity by it being designed around your business and how you want your business to operate.

It allows you to be completely in control of your inbound and outbound calls and how they are routed in your businesses. Administration can be managed by ourselves from our support team or it can be partially ran alongside your internal resource.

The platform is perfect for just a couple of users in a small business but also offers a full collaborative voice experience for much larger businesses with over 150 staff. With additional bolt on products we can cater for a fully fledged call centre solution allowing businesses to create call waiting queues, whisper announcements, voice mail to email, hunt groups, call recording and active monitoring of all users calls.

With the connectivity products that we provide to compliment your solution, we include a direct inter-connect into
our Hosted VOIP platform. This means that your calls do not go over the internet like our competitor solutions. It
provides you with the best call quality that you can achieve on a Hosted Voice Platform.

The Benefits of our Hosted Voice platform

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