Hosted Voice

Cloud and Hosted Phone Systems

We provide a Hosted Telephony Service built on the Cisco network that is one of the market leaders in the UK.

With dedicated bandwidth widely available we can provide single or dual access circuits to deliver all your voice and data into your business. With two leading vendor providers based on the marketing leading Broadsoft platform, we are able to pick from the best of breed solutions for your business and deliver compelling hosted voice solutions.

We can provide dedicated Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines or multiple Fibre Broadband Services and ADSL to deliver quality voice services. We can separate voice traffic so that it is not affected by any other data traffic in your business by using quality of service or seperate internet access technologies.

With a choice of the latest handsets and mobile device applications, hosted voice has quite a few benefits to your business.

Benefits to your Business

• Cost Savings – Simplified costs, cheaper call charges, inclusive minute bundles
• Fixed Costs – Minimal CAPEX. Fixed monthly OPEX
• Scalability – Provides flexibility for increased and decreased levels of users
• CRM Integration – Connect to your CRM and enable click to dial services
• Remote Working – Add remote sites with PBX like services for a fraction of the cost
• Disaster Recovery  & Resilience – Provides inclusive disaster recovery options to maintain communication into your business at all times
• Administrator Access – Web Portal based management control centre for IT managers and Administrators for immediate adds, moves and changes
• Reporting & Statistics – Visibility of all inbound and outbound call statistics on a per user / per department detail
• Number Portability – Maintain all the same numbers
• Call Recording – Recording of all inbound and outbound calls with cloud and local storage
• Plug and Play – Pre-Configured handsets that can be used from most internet connections


Features and Benefits of Hosted Voice

• Cloud based Service – No need for a physical phone system in the office or on-going maintenance agreements.
• Web based – Portal access for administrator and employees.
• Costs – Cheaper call charges compared to traditional lines and calls services
• Free inter-site calls – Free calls between sites and connected offices
• Future Proofed – No need to upgrade your phone system again. Our service and pricing is based on continual updates and improvements.
• Reliability – With in-built disaster recovery options to keep your services live.
• Mobility – Accessible on multiple devices – Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops and Laptops
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Ability to build menu based call control platforms and call routing through your business
• Quality – Able to prioritise call traffic over data services
• Voicemail to Email – Voicemails can be automatically emailed to your device


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