Referral Partner

"We Bill & Support your Clients, then share the margin"

Our IT Referral Partner program is perfect for any business that wants to recommend our services and receive commission. Introducing us to their clients because we are good at what we do or they need our service to compliment their products and services.

In return we provide a margin share on any business that is recommended to us for the life of the customer being with us. We don’t stop paying our referrers when the contract for the service ends either. We do our best to help them retain the customer onto a new contract but if we don’t, we carry on paying the referrer.

Our base of IT referral partners are organisations that are already working directly within the same industry but might different specialisms. We also have partners that are not solely working within the IT Industry but need our services as they are the trusted advisor to their client.

We partner with organisations but not exclusively that fall into the categories below;

What does an IT referral partner need to do & what do they receive from us?

All of our IT referral partners are provided with an agreement clarifying the exact margins generated on the services provided. We provide an IT referral partner with:

Each referral partner receives a monthly statement that includes;

Where do our Referral Partners make the most money?

25% Margin Share for Connectivity, Voice & Mobile

The remuneration for our services largely depends on the strength of the referral partner relationship with us and the volume of  orders. The most lucrative products and services our referral partners make a great monthly margin return is our Connectivity and Voice Services.

With our own expertise with connectivity and our outstanding carrier selection of the best networks in UK and Europe we excel at keeping our customers connected. We have a vast range of connectivity services and with the aid of the BDUK Connection Voucher Scheme, our referral partners refer a large number of Internet Access requirements for their client25

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