SoGEA & SoGFast Fibre Broadband

SoGEA Fibre Broadband – up to 350mb

SoGEA & SoGFast is a newly developed technology that will allow customers to place one single order for a Broadband connection and not have to worry about a physical phone line.


SoGEA Fibre Broadband stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access and runs on the same infrastructure as current broadband offerings but is DATA Only. SoGEA does not carry traditional PSTN telephony traffic.

Up until now, to deliver broadband to a business (except FTTP), you needed to have a traditional phone line installed and then ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband installed over the top.

BT Openreach have no started to deliver a single order data only version of Fibre Broadband and GFast Fibre Broadband that means you or the provider do not have to install a traditional copper phone line to compliment the service. SoGEA includes an underlying version of a phone line but is not suitable for traditional calls.

What Speeds are available with SoGEA & SoGFast Fibre Broadband?

The up-to speeds that are currently available are:

  • SoGEA 40mb / 10mb
  • SoGEA 55mb / 10mb
  • SoGEA 80mb / 20mb
  • SoGFast 160mb / 30mb
  • SoGFAST 330mb / 50mb
Can I get SoGEA Broadband now?

Yes. SoGEA is available at over 28 million premises around the UK. Use our availability checker to find out more or alternatively contact us by sending an email to or calling 0161 260 01960.

All of our broadband services are monitored 24/7 and we provide our clients with full access and visibility of
that monitoring service with automatic email alerts to our customers.

Benefits of our SoGea Fibre Broadband

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