SIP, SIP Trunks & Moving from ISDN

SIP is a cost effective replacement for ISDN which connects a PBX to the PSTN network via Broadband, Fibre Broadband, EFM and Ethernet. It is a very efficient way to combine your network into one network carrying your voice and data together.

For clients that have already invested or upgraded their existing PBX, you can still take advantage of utilising SIP trunks to deliver your calls into your business and maintain your existing hardware. We can also provide a PBX maintenance service as part of your SIP service.

SIP trunks have a very quick provisioning time and you can increase and decrease them depending on your business needs and requirments. We can provide solutions that utilise SIP for costs savings but also include PSTN or ISDN failover services to increase the resilience and reliability of the service.


  • Lower Cost – SIP is much cheaper than ISDN access
  • Reduced Call charges – The benefits of SIP are that you can take advantage of lower call charges
  • Business Continuity – SIP trunks can be setup to provide disaster recovery plans
  • Free Calls – We can provide free calls between sites reducing costs
  • Be used on your existing Ip PBX
  • Flexibility – Users can be added and removed on a monthly basis
  • Trunk Aggregation – No need to waste expensive channels of ISDN that are not being used
  • PBX – We can provide SIP to your PBX and remove the ISDN lines. No need to move your maintenance contract.
  • Resilience  – We can provide resilient SIP back up service by utilizing redundant routers, access lines and wireless technology
  • Phased Integration – We can install out Voice Services and run parallel systems throughout the transition


For more information on SIP and ISDN replacement please contact us.