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Remote access into a network is not new, but it is becoming a more common way of how businesses are now working. The massive growth of increased bandwidth to the small office, wireless networking capabilities, mobile telephony internet and cloud solutions enables businesses to now work from virtually anywhere on earth whilst keeping connected to your colleagues and customers.

If you have employees who are out on the road or work from home, they need to utilise a type of remote access service so they can access data and information as if they were working in the physical office.

There are several ways to provide a remote worker solution and that depends on the type of data the remote worker needs to access. Our solutions are based on a consultative approach and almost all can be bespoke to the client. However the types of products and services that we provide to build a remote worker environment are listed below.


Through the use of our business grade broadband, fibre broadband services and mobile internet products we can provide infrastructure that is secure. The access into the core network can be designed through the use of MPLS and VPN to create a private network between the remote worker and Head Office ensuring integrity and security.

Voice Access

Our Hosted Voice products and PSTN service allows our remote worker clients to keep connected to HQ as if they were based in the office. We can provide physical phones, soft phone applications that can be installed onto remote laptops (Mac, PC and Linux) and also provide applications for mobile devices covering IOS and Android.

Our Voice services for remote workers are provided over our own connectivity but it can sometimes be provided over the existing connectivity that already exists in the remote worker environment.

Remote users of our voice service can still keep or retain an office DDI and utilise all the additional benefits of a hosted voice system.

Mobile Access

With IOS and Android applications, we can ensure mobile phone users have PBX functionality, enabling them to receive business voice calls via 4G or wi-fi on their home network. We can also provide our clients with mobile phone services. Check our mobile section to find out more information.


Aside from the infrastructure and hardware needed to deploy a remote worker solution we can also provide applications hosted in the cloud. Our applications are focused on using the cloud that enable you to access files remotely and share data more easily. These applications include:

Office365 & SharePoint
Cloud Storage
Cloud Sync
Hosted Email


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