Partner Portal Update October 2016

Our last update on the 24th September announced our development over the next 3 months for our Partner Portal which included some exciting new functions.

All the development has now been completed for our Ethernet & Broadband partners.

New Developments:


More Carriers – Metronet UK

We are pleased to officially announce that our partnership with Metronet for Microwave Ethernet services now means that partners can generate automated pricing within our Ethernet Quotes function.

Partners can now quote Microwave Ethernet services which carry a much shorter lead time of 21 days. Traditional Fibre Ethernet has a lead time ranging from 45 to 90 days. Microwave Ethernet is much shorter and carries the same service level agreement as fibre.

The Microwave Ethernet Service is available in Manchester, Stockport, Liverpool, Chester, Newcastle, Newcastle & Birmingham.

All Microwave services will be provided on the maximum bearer for that site and all services are provided with ADSL back-up for free.


Asset Inventory

For our existing and new channel partners we can now provide them with an Asset Inventory list of all connectivity services they have with us. Giving easy, quick access to asset lists to correlate with monthly invoice and billing purposes, we can provide detailed information on each order.

This includes:

  • The Client details – Name & Address
  • Service Details
  • Installation Address
  • Installation Credentials
  • Order & Live Dates


Broadband and PSTN Ordering

Partners are now able to provision Broadband related products within the partner portal. The online ordering platform automatically sends an order into Salesforce and the order is managed by our provisioning team from there. We have also added in the inventory listings of these orders that will enable portal users to find information more quickly.

The portal will allow partners to view:

  • Order: FTTC / ADSL 2+ / LLU ADSL / SMPF & MPF / PSTN
  • Order Status of circuits
  • Installation & Address Details
  • Configuration Details
  • Migration, Live & Cease Dates
  • Pricing & Billing Dates
  • Support Updates
  • Notes and Carrier updates


2017 Development

The development of portal is important to our business to make our partners more self-sufficient. We generally develop based on feedback from our partners, keeping a watchful eye on our competitors and what is cost effective as a business to provide. However, there are some areas that we will always endeavour to provide our channel partners, like adding in more carriers and providers for quotes.

Some of our developments that will begin to be launched from Q1 2017 are:


Support Portal

Inline with more Broadband reporting functionality we will be adding in a new support function within the portal. The support portal will allow users to raise tickets to report problems with connectivity from Broadband to Ethernet products.

We will also be extending our API capabilities with our Broadband suppliers across Talk Talk, BT & Vodafone. Not only will this allow partners to order Broadband related products in real-time with our supply chain but it will also enable us to provide partners with knowledge based testing. Not all carriers are the same and having several broadband wholesale suppliers means that the development and coding is much more complicated.

We aim to have this completed in Q2 2017 but with gradual updates along the way.

Aimed at Q3 2017 will be our connectivity monitoring service. This will give partners the ability to view managed devices in real-time. These are primarily aimed at Ethernet clients, but it will include some managed Broadband services.


Android & IOS App

At the end of Q1 2017 we will be trialing our App for mobile and tablet devices. The App will allow you to login to our portal and access information more readily. This will be provided on Android and IOS devices.

Amongst several uses, we have several partners with large field-sales teams that are on the road four to 5 days per week. By providing them with a mobile app, it gives them the ability to generate Ethernet quotes with partner set RRP pricing across all the major carriers in the UK. Giving the ability for a partner to sit in front of a client with real-time connectivity quotes across Broadband, Ethernet & Microwave which will help them win more business.


If you require any further information on our partner services, please contact us on 08435 043 043 or email

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