We have now begun provisioning Fibre to the Premises service across the UK.

Reluctantly, we have purposely stayed away from providing this product to our customers because initially:

  • The coverage has been poor
  • The delivery from BT Openreach has not met expectations
  • Pricing was not competitive

Over recent months, the above has improved by all accounts. Today Fibre to the Premises has a reach of 435,000 properties across the UK. The aim for BT Openreach is to have up-to 2 million properties by 2020. At the moment the 4 profile speeds available to carriers are:

  • 220mb
  • 330mb
  • 500mb
  • 1000mb

The latter two is not common and for the time being Cloud & Fibre will provide a maximum of 330mb download.

The delivery of the service has improved from an average of 50 days to 21 days.

For further information on Fibre to the Premises, please contact us on 08435 043 043 or send an email to sales@cloudandfibre.co.uk

Visit our Fibre Broadband page here –¬†http://www.cloudandfibre.co.uk/fibre-broadband-fttc/