Fibre Broadband (FTTC)


Up to 350MB Download Speeds – From £40 per month

Fibre Broadband is also known as FTTC & FTTP (Fibre to the Cabinet / Fibre to the Premises) and commonly known as BT Infinity or vDSL. Our Fibre Broadband services are available to all UK clients that are located in the areas that have been upgraded by BT OpenReach to receive Fibre Broadband services.

We provide the fastest available service to our customers which is the up-to 350mb download / 50mb where available. We can also provide:

  • Speeds up to 80mb down and 20mb up on FTTC
  • Speeds up to 350mb down and 50mb up on GFast
  • Speeds up to 330mb down and 50mb up on FTTP

We do not impose download limits or restrictions on our Fibre Broadband Services. As a business, you are free to download as much content as you need. We also do not provide services to consumers, only business users who are paying for a premium service.

Benefits of our Fibre Broadband
  • Fibre Bonded Speeds up to 320mb down
  • Unlimited Usage
  • No download restrictions
  • No traffic shaping
  • Suitable for Voice and SIP
  • Managed 4G backup options
  • Bonded options available
  • Contract terms from as little as 30 days
  • Connect multiple users on the one line
  • Up-to 8 Static Ip’s
  • Business Priority
  • Enhanced Service Levels for fix times

Our Fibre Broadband business service is ideal for clients that was to increase their bandwidth to up-to 80 mb or 320 mb within 30 days for lower costs than an Ethernet service. Fibre Broadband is a seamless replacement for ADSL Broadband and is can be provided as general internet access or part of our remote worker solutions.

Our business clients have the freedom to use our Fibre Broadband Services for voice over IP solutions provided by ourselves or third parties. We can also provide Fibre Broadband as part as resilience to our Ethernet and EFM products or provide into some of our home worker solutions.

Business Packages

Our basic business Fibre Broadband package will provide you with:

  • £40 per month
  • Business Grade throughput
  • Free installation
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Up-to 80mb Download Speeds
  • Up-to 20mb Upload Speeds
  • 8 Static Ip Addresses
  • SMTP Email throughput

Other packages include additional options including, traffic prioritisation and increased service level response. Contact us for additional information.

Suitable for Voip & SIP

Our Business Fibre Broadband services are suitable for customers wishing to use Voice over IP or are thinking about replacing their ISDN with SIP. We run a low contended and low latency network which makes us different than most other Fibre Broadband providers. We only provide services to business users so we do not have the problem of heavy usage consumer users on the network.

We don’t shape traffic, we don’t need to but we monitor to make sure that our customers are getting the maximum throughput possible.

Hardware & Wireless Routers

Hardware can be provided with all of our Fibre Broadband connectivity, from managed routers to managed firewalls.. All hardware is pre-configured and either shipped to your business by courier for self install or can be installed on-site by ourselves. Depending on your requirements, contact us for further information on wireless connectivity within you office.

4G backup

We can provide clients with 4G automatic backup on all of our broadband services if required. By providing a separate 4G router we can configure our solutions to automatically utilise the 3g or 4G mobile networks to maintain connectivity into your business. 4G backup is ideal for retail clients to ensure credit card terminals are always accessible and can take payments.

PSTN Phone Lines

To compliment our Fibre Broadband service, we ideally would prefer to take control of your phone line. It is optional, but in instances where there are fibre broadband or phone line problems we can provide a better level of service because we provide both.


Bonded Fibre Broadband

Up to 320Mb

Check our Business Bonded Fibre Broadband Options here – Bonded Fibre



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