Launch Date – 1st August 2016

August 1st was the date we set and it was the date we launched our Ethernet Quotes Portal!

I think many will agree the stress and pressure of delivering a service by a certain date. We have all been there where we have missed dates that we have set to launch products and services to our clients and suppliers. Development and especially coding can present problems that are unforeseen from the beginning. I’m happy that we didn’t have many problems with the coding or maybe we haven’t found some yet 🙂

ethernet quotes portal


What does the Ethernet Quotes Portal Do?

To provide business grade internet connectivity to Channel Partners that are in a fast paced industry with many choices of suppliers to choose from, you need to be able to provide quick accurate quotes. Our portal allows us to be:

  1. Competitive
  2. Efficient
  3. Reliable
  4. Flexible

Our quotes portal gives our channel partners the ability to generate connectivity & Ethernet quotes based on:

  1. Ethernet First Mile (up to 20mb)
  2. Fibre Ethernet (up to 1Gb)
  3. GEA FTTC (Up to 20mb 1:1 FTTC)
  4. Managed and Un-Managed Options
  5. Selection of Bearer and Access Speeds
  6. Contact terms between 1 and 3 years
  7. A choice of connectivity backup options from ADSL, FTTC & Ethernet
  8. Selection of Routers that include Mikrotik and Cisco

What UK Carriers is our Quotes Portal connected to?

  1. BT Openreach
  2. BT Wholesale
  3. Talk Talk
  4. Vodafone
  5. Virgin Media
  6. Colt
  7. SSE


How quick are the quotes generated?

Depending on your selection, the whole process takes about 10 seconds to generate across the UK carriers.


Can I view my previous historical quotes?

Yes, within our quotes portal you can view your old quotes within your account section.


Can we add multiple users to the account?

We can add all your members of staff to have access to the quotes portal.


Carrier Neutral – Microwave Ethernet

Being carrier neutral we like to provide our clients with the widest selection of carriers available. We are working with our 3rd Party Suppliers to include two Microwave Ethernet Wireless Providers into our quotes portal – Metronet, Telecom IO & Simply IP.


Future Development

We will be developing a mobile device application for IOS and Android. We have channel partners with field sales representatives on the road so we see the need to enable them to generate quotes on-site.

We will be creating the application which will allow those users to generate quotes exactly the same as within the quotes portal but we will also be allowing the user to provide an RRP to that customer. By hiding the channel partners buy price on the app and showing the RRP, the customer can view all the available carriers and the best option to choose.