EFM – Ethernet First Mile

2Mb to 24Mb

Ethernet First Mile also known as EFM. EFM is Ethernet technology delivered to your business from the local exchange over twisted copper pair technology. The speed to your business is usually over 12mb but it varies on where you are and the distance from the EFM exchange. Un-like broadband, the speed of the service does not fluctuate once its installed and the contention ratio is 1:1 This means the bandwidth you pay for is the bandwidth you receive. EFM bandwidth is delivered to your premises that is always available and is not shared like broadband.

Replacement for Broadband

EFM is a fantastic replacement for ADSL Broadband and also a great replacement for true Fibre Ethernet if your offices are downsizing, or your internet requirement is less critical for response speed. The service level agreement on an EFM service is 99.95% with a total of a 7 hour fix. It has a 3 hour fault response and further 4 hour fix time. The superior service level agreement over broadband means we can provide service credits if downtime occurs against your monthly service rental.

Our wholesale agreements are with the major carriers in the UK, allowing us to provide BT Wholesale, Talk Talk Business, Virgin Media, SSE and Vodafone.

Managed Engineer Install

Our EFM services are delivered with a managed router and plug and play install, but we will provide an engineer visit where required. We also provide our EFM and Ethernet products are wires only if required where you or your IT provider may choose the correct router for your network. We provide a variety of backup services including broadband, fibre broadband, 3G & 4G enabled back-up services to ensure business continuity. Alternatively, if clients wish to use their own routers for backup we can provide Ethernet as Wires Only if required.

Service Levels & Support

Fix times for our Ethernet First mile services is 7 hours and we also provide same day replacement for hardware and routers with the relevant service package. Our service level agreement provides a high uptime of 99.95% and guaranteed low latency, jitter and RTT. We provide 24/7 support to all Ethernet customers. EFM has a partial in built type of redundancy. Problems can arise with Copper Pairs. If there are problems with a copper pair, then the EFM service will still allow throughput and Internet Access, albeit at a reduced speed until the service is restored.

Resilience & Backup

We can provide your EFM service with ADSL or FTTC backup. Provided on separate routers, we can minimise downtime and also provide 3G&4G backup services.

Benefits of EFM
  • EFM speeds vary from 2mb to 20mb depending on location
  • 1:1 Contention – no slow down at peak periods of the day
  • Managed or Wires Only Options available
  • 7 Hour Fix times on Faults
  • Automatic backup failover service available
  • Low latency
  • In built copper resilience.