ADSL Business Broadband

Up to 24Mb

We provide a variety of managed Business Broadband Solutions and wires-only ADSL Broadband services. We connect to major wholesale partners in the industry like BT Wholesale, Talk Talk, Firgin Media and Vodafone. This enables us to provide you with a mixed breed depending on your requirements. Our broadband products are ideal for general internet access but they can also be used for Voice over IP (VOIP) and configured for VPN/MPLS due to our low network contention.

We provide our clients with our recommended routers from preferred manufacturers which enables us to remotely manage your connection. Through our channel partner programme we can also provide our clients with the same service but alternatively we can provide a wires only service. Alternatively if customers wish to use their own routers or a router that is specified from your IT Manager or provider then we can accommodate that too.

Broadband for Internet Access

Our standard business broadband packages will provide you with up-to 24mb download and 1mb upload which is ideal for general internet browsing for a small business. We can provide you with up-to 8 static ip addresses, a managed router and smtp mail throughput. For customers that are looking to support more than 5 to 6 internet users then a Fibre Broadband service or dedicated service would be more suitable.

Specialist Broadband for VOIP

Your broadband speed, latency and quality is only as good as the company that you are using. At Cloud & Fibre we can provide broadband connections that are suitable for Voip, Sip and Hosted Voice calls.

Our Voice Broadband service is not standard, it is a specialist voice class broadband service that is delivered on a specific voice only network to deliver critical voice services to our customers. We also use utilise various carrier networks to provide a dedicated Voice Broadband service that carries a low contention and subsequently low latency. Broadband speeds and quality can also be affected by the quality of the PSTN line (phone line), get in touch to find out if we can provide you with a Premium PSTN Line.

BT Wholesale and Non BT ADSL

We connect to all the major carriers within the UK and provide BT Wholesale and non BT Broadband services. Your location determines the available broadband speeds to your business and sometimes the best option maybe an LLU service. We specialise at being the experts in knowing what is best for your location and suitability.

For clients that are close to their area being enabled for Fibre Broadband we will provide short term monthly contracts to reduce the costs of upgrading to Fibre.

  • ADSL Max speeds up to 8mb
  • ADSL 2+ Speeds up to 20mb
  • LLU ADSL Speeds up to 24mb (Non BT ADSL)
  • Managed Router options available
  • Free migrations into our network
  • 4G backup services available