3G & 4G

3G & 4G Data Access

As part of our telecoms solutions we have available to you, we can provide 3G and 4G mobile network services to allow you connect to the internet.

Our main partner for mobile data access is our sister company, Challenger Mobile Communications – www.challenger-mobile.co.uk. Challenger are an O2 centre of excellence but we also partner Vodafone and Three for data services that enable us to provide data and internet access that can be either a primary and secondary internet connections. We can provide 3G and 4G data access as part of our mobile phone services but they are also widely used as disaster recovery methods for fixed line internet services and our Microwave Ethernet solutions.

We provide many of our clients with 3G and 4G backup services to the primary connections that we install alongside our internet solutions. With many of our Ethernet products, 4G backup can be used as a backup service.

Benefits of 3G or 4G Backup

  • Low rental monthly fee from £10 per month
  • Resilience by using two different 4G providers in the same site
  • Pay as you go
  • Stay connected to the internet and access to email
  • We can provide a fixed IP address

One of the main advantage of using wireless as a backup is that there are no fixed lines that can be damage at the customer site that effects the connection. There are no copper cables that can be damaged within or outside of your business that will disrupt our wireless backup service. Since there are resilient towers provided by the mobile networks, we can even provide two different 3G and 4G networks for added resilience.

Aside from 3G & 4G backup data services, we also provide mobile phone services with tariffs available on the 3G and 4G network through O2 and Vodafone.