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Cloud Services

“Connect to your cloud data”

What does the Cloud mean to you?

It can be quite difficult as a business owner to understand what the cloud is and how it can help or not help your business. In reality the Cloud has been around for a few years and, in simple terms, its an extension of services that have already been in existence for a while. Technology has enabled carriers to provide more bandwidth to homes and businesses at lower costs, and over the last 10 years bandwidth speed has increased by a multiple of 50 for relatively the same price. Increased bandwidth, as well as advances in computing technology, have enabled cloud services to be readily available to clients and vendors a like.

Cloud Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service)

There is an importance to understand  that there are various forms of cloud services. Cloud infrastructure falls into the different categories below;

Cloud Infrastructure & Cloud Computing are physical servers and devices that are located in secure datacentres either in a private or public cloud type environment. These environments allow customers and vendors to utilise Software as a Service and Cloud Applications. An example of Cloud Infrastructure could be a remote desktop service whereby you log-on onto a virtual machine hosted in the cloud.

Software as a Service

At Cloud and Fibre, we provide various cloud solutions but we primarily focus on Software as a Service which is commonly known as Cloud Applications. Our cloud applications are also used within both public or private environments depending on our clients requirements. Cloud Applications are applications that are accessed from Cloud Infrastructure environments. For example, Cloud Applications could include;

The truth is that you many not know what you need or what is available in the market to help your business. Most commonly our clients want to become more efficient by sharing data across multiple devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone) and becoming more collaborative with internal and external contacts. They also want to enable remote working that allows staff to work from home, increase a flexible working environment to compliment part time staff.

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