Partner Portal Update September 2016

Since the launch of our first Partner Portal on the 1st August 2016, which provides our Partners with an instant Ethernet Quoting platform, we have seen a huge increase in quotes and its been a massive success. Our partners can obtain Ethernet Quotes from 10mb to 1Gb across all the major carriers including BT Openreach, BT Wholesale, Vodafone, Talk Talk, Virgin Media & Colt in under 10 seconds!

The need to provide your partners with automated provisioning and reporting tools is a must if you want to achieve a compelling indirect partner proposition. No doubt we are playing catchup to our competitors, but we are committed to go further and beyond with our service and support to our channel.

As part of our on-going development of our partner portal we are soon to launch a few additional features to our portal before the end of the year.


1 Broadband Orders (1st November 2016)

The Broadband Ordering Function will allow partners to order Broadband Connectivity at the click of a button. Linking into our supply chain, our partners will be able to access and order different flavours of Fibre Broadband, BT ADSL 2+ and LLU Broadband from Vodafone and Talk Talk.

The portal will allow partners to view:

  • Order: FTTC / ADSL 2+ / LLU ADSL / SMPF & MPF / PSTN
  • Order Status
  • Installation & Address Details
  • Configuration Details
  • Migration, Live & Cease Dates
  • Pricing & Billing Dates
  • Support Updates


2 New Asset Inventory (1st November 2016)

For our existing and new channel partners we will be providing them with an Asset Inventory of all connectivity services they have with us. Giving easy, quick access to asset lists to correlate with monthly invoice and billing purposes, we aim to provide detailed information on each order.


3 Additional Carriers within the Ethernet Quotes Function (1st December 2016)

To compliment our supply chain of the various carriers within our Ethernet Quoting function, we are soon to add in two wholesale Microwave Ethernet Suppliers. One of our primary partners with offices based in Manchester is Metronet.

Metronet have one of the largest Microwave coverage’s in the North West. By providing our channel with the flexibility to quote Fibre Ethernet fixed line or Microwave Ethernet, allows them to take advantage of the different types of connectivity available for their customers.