We are proud to announce that we now provide full 24/7 monitoring of all our connectivity products. Whether our customers take a single ADSL Broadband service, Fibre Broadband or multiple Leased Lines, we provide full monitoring of our connectivity 24/7.

Our monitoring service is linked to our internal ticketing system that automatically creates a new support ticket for our support team to investigate. Along with the email reporting we have also all of our connections visible on our digital wall screens in our support centre.

We can also provide all of our customers access into our monitoring platform for full visibility and transparency of your connectivity. You see what we see.

Access will provide you with:

  • Full access and visibility to all connectivity availability
  • Up to 90 days historical daily usage information
  • Usage information can be viewed by minute, hour, daily, weekly & monthly
  • Run reports on network activity, line health, availability and outages
  • Full email alerting to your designated email address
  • Visibility of all Broadband sync speeds and expected speeds
  • Threshhold setting for Broadband sync speeds
  • Access to multiple sites and associated usage information
  • Visibility of usage levels and load balancing usage across resilient access links
  • Statistical information on router CPU utilisation
  • Visibility of router discards, line errors and availability

For clients that use ourselves for VOIP but do not use our connectivity, we can still provide you access to our platform by setting a rule on your access router.

To be added to the platform please contact sales@cloudandfibre.co.uk for more information.