Mobile Tracking Solutions

Mobile Tracking Solutions

‘Geographic and Physical Tracking of data’

We operate a fully managed web portal based solution that enables you to physically track your vehicles and all your mobile devices. Tracking solutions are ideal for companies with remote workers and organisations within the transport industry. Our Mobile tracking solutions can be utilised to support several hundred vehicles and mobile phone devices.

Our tracking solutions enable our clients to completely monitor their remote assets therefore ensuring that productivity, costs and compliance is as efficient as possible.

Our vehicle tracking service allows you to:

  • View real time locations of your fleet of vehicles
  • Engine Status of all vehicles
  • Fuel consumption statistics
  • History of all journeys and data. Playback of historical journeys
  • Automated alerts when specific geographic locations are passed
  • Automated alerts for various traffic offences
  • Configurable dashboard
  • Eliminate un-authoursed use of company vehicles
  • Reduce carbon emissions with more efficiency
  • Increase Overall Vehicle Security

Our mobile tracking solutions allow you to:

  • Track users on foot or in a vehicle.
  • NFC checking for geo-tagging
  • Historical journeys can be accessed via the web portal
  • Online presence through web portal service
  • Increase Security of your business
  • Eliminate un-authourised access to certain locations
  • View all usage of the handset when used with a MDM service


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