Inbound Telephony

Inbound Telephony

Our inbound cloud telephony service is a web-based product that allows you to manage your inbound calls into your business. By utilising our range of non-geographic and geographic access numbers, or the porting of your own numbers to our network, we can diversify your business with a virtual PBX for no up-front cost.

Within minimal investment and through our simple web based customer portal, our clients can manage their own call routing plans, manage there own number ranges in real-time and configure all components of a traditional system with minimal experience.

By using our access number ranges, you can generate call share revenue on calls that are made into your business.

Our Inbound telephony service will allow you to;

  • Set-up IVR platforms
  • Design call routing plans
  • Provide VoiceMail Services
  • Deliver VoiceMails to Email
  • Call Queuing
  • Set-up multiple Hunt Groups
  • Mid Transfer Calls
  • Provide Call Recording
  • Provide Fax 2 Email
  • Create disaster recovery plans by routing to Mobile and other destinations
  • Manage your own 08 number and the destination in real-time
  • Real-time statistics of calls into your business
  • Historical records on all calls into your business
  • Generate an income from customers calling you for technical support
  • Generate call-share revenue


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