Ethernet over FTTC

Ethernet Over FTTC

20mb Symmetrical 

Eo FTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) or GEA FTTC (Generic Ethernet Access over FTTC ) uses the latest access technologies available by BT Openreach.

It offers up to 20mb of symmetrical bandwidth by utilising an FTTC line that is back-hauled through the national Ethernet backbone, opposed to the standard broadband backbone that can experience contention. Ethernet over FTTC has a contention ratio of 1:1 and is an excellent replacement for EFM or true Ethernet.

With the use of copper opposed to fibre optics, the lead times on installation are much shorter at approximately 30 days and the likelihood of large excess construction charges are highly unlikely.

The service level agreement on GEA FTTC is much better than standard Fibre Broadband with a fix time of 7 hours.

Benefits of Ethernet over FTTC

  • Low cost alternative to Ethernet or leased line
  • Short lead times of 30 days for installation
  • Minimal excess charges if any
  • Nationwide availability
  • Service level agreement included


Bonded Ethernet over FTTC

Up to 320mb

With bonding technologies available we can also provide download speeds from 20mb to 320mb by bonding multiple FTTC services together. With a service level agreement to match and the service being fully managed, you can receive massive bandwidth increases for a fraction of the cost of an Ethernet or leased line service.

Benefits of Bonded GEA FTTC

  • Download speeds from 20mb to 320mb
  • Quick installation lead time of 25 days
  • Up-to 80mb upload speeds
  • Managed hardware
  • Low cost set-up and monthly fees
  • 9 hour fix time on faults