BYOD & Device Management

BYOD & Mobile Device Management

‘Remote Support, Security and Management’

With the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becoming more common in the workplace, the need for extra levels of security to protect an organisations data and network are more prevalent.

Our service offering provides our clients with the peace of mind that we can protect their network from the increase us of smart phones, tablets and devices from staff and third parties within their business.

Our Mobile Device Management service allows our clients that provide company mobile phones to provide complete transparency of that asset at all times. The granular detail of what you can view through a simple web-portal of a remote user within your business helps to increase security of your business. Amongst many options, our service can block access to certain apps at specific times of the day, you can view all inbound and outbound calls, you can set profiles for different time-zones and you can limit basic functions like the camera of the handset.

Our BYOD Protection and Mobile Device Management service is a single product that is sold as a monthly subscription for a few pounds per month.

This service allows us to provide you with:

Virus Protection
Protect all your devices, protect your network and integrity from external and internal users.
Our solution can be installed on all Operating Systems like IOS, Android and Windows.
Support all users remotely and manage the device 24/7.

Mobile Device Management
Completely manage the mobile life-cycle from beginning to end.
Fix faults and software updates remotely
Integrate applications in-line with corporate services
Turn on and off certain features on the mobile you do not want used by your employees

Email Management
Provides complete security for all corporate emails on remote devices.
Configuring advanced policies to prevent data breaches and removing devices from the network.
Monitor and manage your devices enabling us to add and remove user accounts without physically touching the handset.

Security Management
Standardise organisational rules and policies for all devices with clearly defined parameters and exceptions.
Complete visibility of mobile costs and network presence.

Content Management
Allows secure content to be distributed across organisational devices.
Block employee access to web content like Facebook and Twitter.
Restrict access from certain users.
Provide restrictions and policies on a user by user bases.

Application Management
Ideal for IT Managers and Channel Partners.
Ability to distribute, merge, manage and secure applications onto remote devices from a web-portal.
Multi OS platform compatibility.


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