About Us


Cloud and Fibre were founded to become a well respected and experienced Telecommunication Provider for following core values of honesty, integrity and transparency. With a combined total of over 75 years working experience in the Telecommunication industry, we understand what it takes to provide an accountable business that excels in treating the customer first and our inconvenience second. Along with our sister company, Challenger Mobile Communications we can provide a wide portfolio of Internet. Voice and Mobile services.

What do we do?

We specialise at providing telecommunication voice and data solutions for small to medium sized businesses across the UK and Western Europe. Our route to market is through our own direct recommendations but also through our channel partner base of referrals and indirect partners. With our referral partners we interact directly with their clients and with our indirect partners we act as a white label provider to support them behind the scenes.

We provide services that range from single user broadband and Fibre Broadband connections to large multi-site dedicated Leased Line Ethernet networks. We also provide business phone systems which can either be traditional or voice over IP. We also provide a range of Cloud Services that can enable our customers to share data more easily, store date remotely and enable a remote work-force environment that can readily communicate regardless of location.

We provide compelling voice and data solutions because we have extensive knowledge of the best of breed services in the market. We have multiple relationships with national and global network carriers that enable us to always remain at the forefront of the latest technology. We take the head ache away from your IT problems by providing solutions that are simple for our clients to understand, competitively priced and delivered with transparency.

Our Customer Approach

We view communication as one of the key factors when dealing with potential new clients and also existing clients. We aim to grow with our customers by providing compelling solutions and building a reputation that we can deliver on-time with professionalism and accuracy with excellent customer communication. We understand how hard it is to win new clients in a saturated market, so our focus is aimed at excellent customer service and communication. It isn’t about us, its about your service with us. Our core values of honesty, integrity and transparency are prevalent throughout our customers experience at Cloud & Fibre.


We are an independent provider which allows us to enjoy the freedom of utilising the best networks in the Uk and Europe to compliment our product portfolio. Our current product portfolio has been developed by understanding what our clients require. Our cloud and fibre products have been sourced through extensive knowledge of the market and added into our portfolio because they are a necessity to the solutions we provide our customers. If we cannot provide a solution to our satisfaction we will not try, we will most likely know who can and put you in contact with them.

To build trust with our clients, visibility is of key importance. We provide clients with information directly from the carriers and provide updates on orders and faults even when there isn’t an update. Communication with our customers is of the up-most importance and by providing multiple forms of communication via email, phone and text we aim to excel and deliver.


Being based out of the North West of England in Deeside and Manchester, we operate throughout the country with clients all over UK and Europe. Our directors have been involved in the telecommunication industry for over 28 years and with almost 100 years of work experience delivering solutions to customers and channel partners. We aim to be unique as we possibly can and build valuable trust with our customers by sharing our technical knowledge and experience for the customers benefit not ours.


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